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The Downtown Rockwall pocket park recently won the People's Choice Award for Best Public Improvement from the Texas Downtown Association! A great phased improvement to the larger re-do completed in 2016. Check out Downtown Rockwall Texas soon if you have not been!

Cooling off from a HOT site visit today. Bonnie Wenk Park is coming together and will soon be a destination for inclusive play in the region. Multiple pods of play, multi-use lighted sports field, passive open space, and trails fill the phase two expansion expected to be open later this year. The park includes an All-Star list of industry favorites. Landscape Structures Inc. Classic Recreations Kompan BCI Burke Playground Equipment GameTime Public Restroom Company Dynamo Playgrounds Victor Stanley iZone Imaging Musco Lighting

Downtown Rockwall Texas

Always fun running across articles about our projects! The success of any project never ends after construction. Major props to Downtown Rockwall Texas for programming, marketing, and activating downtown!

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Our foundation is proud to work with the City of Dallas & community groups to make this park at Flag Pole Hill a reality. It’s really special to have this state-of-the-art, all-inclusive playground right in our backyard - it welcomes all families, all ages, all capabilities.